List of F.A.Qs
Can Sodablast cause damage?

If used correctly by a trained operator, highly unlikely. As part of their training, operators are taught to evaluate the surface and to blast a test patch if required.
" The ORIGINAL versatile system that can strip and clean surfaces in a fraction of the normal time required"
About us & F.A.Qs
Since our first investigation in 2004, Soda-Blast-Systems (UK) Ltd has strived to locate and source the very best solution for paint removal and cleaning. Having found and understood the advantages of Soda Blasting we were keen from the outset not to plunge just for the cheapest supplier.

Our reason for doing this was that we found many contractors operating in America and quickly found that there was really only one supplier worth considering. Yes there are some companies who buy standard components and present themselves as a solution provider but only one designs, manufactures and supplies their own product that is reliable, fit for purpose and delivers eight hours a day every day, that was SodaBlast Systems Texas USA.

Our success rests on our customers’ success and we will be very successful because we sell the only equipment that you can reliably build a Sodablast business on.

From Soda-Blast-Systems (UK) Ltd.
"Sodablasting has changed the conventional way of paint stripping and cleaning in every industry".
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List of F.A.Qs
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