Anti-fouling and rremoving paint from the bottom of a boat by SodaBlasting is a win-win for both boatyard owners and the independent Preferred Contractors who perform the work. For the yards, as SodaBlasting is faster, cleaner, less expensive and environmentally friendly.
The actual SodaBlasting step only takes a few hours and, depending on the size of the boat, the entire process can be completed in a day or less.
For the contractors, it provides an excellent opportunity to own their own business and provide a service that is in high demand.
All This and Environmentally
Freindly Too How do they do That!
"The environmental friendliness of the SodaBlaster, its ability to safely and accurately remove many layers of old anti-fouling coating and the speed in which even large jobs are accomplished
make the Soda-Blaster from Soda-Blast-Systems an invaluable."
Not as we Know it!
Its Stripping But..
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