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"Sodablast successfully removed two layers of paint from sandstone on a Heritage building in a fraction of the time of other methods. The finish was beyond our expectations and I highly recommend them." - Nigel

"Sodablast successfully removed all the paint from our Mazda R100 without affecting any of the surface, particularly the thin panels. We were very happy with the result" - Charlie

"Sodablast removed the paint from a wall to be rendered so quickly it was unbelievable. We use the Sodablast team regularly for paint removal from a variety of surfaces. The best thing is no clean up & they did it all!" - Mal

"We clean an average of 20 square feet per minute when using the SB200 Mobile SodaBlaster." - Don

"Works great on statues, and is great for industrial cleaning. My customers are telling me it saves them time on clean up after the blasting is finished." - Ken

"We were amazed at the finnish achieved on the walls, stairs and rafters when the loacal Soda-Blaster cleaned all the residual damage caussd by the fire at the Club" - Mark Project Architect

"After removing the graffiti and tar from the walls adjacent to the college, they looked like new." - James Senior Site Surveyor

The Eco-Friendly Way to Strip & Clean
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